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How are you all friends, surely you are fine, today I am going to share a beautiful incident with you which may be remembered forever.Haji Ali Dargah Sharif

Introduce Haji Ali Dargah Sharif

It is not an event to be forgotten, it is an inspiration and a place of encouragement for the people of our Muslim community, but not only Muslims who visit this place, people of all religions always visit this popular Haji Ali Dargah Sharif in India because of their faith.

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I never imagined that I can go to this Dargah Sharif in my life when I was in India for many days I was planning to actually visit that Haji Ali Dargah Sharif even in the sea to see how the place is and what faith people go to that place.

Finally the day came and I along with several members of my family prepared to go there thinking that at first maybe only Muslims can enter this Haji Ali Dargah Sharif but it turned out to be different.

After traveling a long way and riding buses and trains, we finally reached Haji Ali Dargah Sharif. I could not believe what I saw there, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, in a word, people of all religions are visiting the place according to their beliefs and paying obeisance there to fulfill their wishes.

There is a word in our Islamic book that we can’t ask anyone except Allah for our own desires, but in the present day, people are in a lot of confusion and bow their heads in many places and express their heart’s desires in that place.

I think actually it doesn’t accept my religion Allah is unique we all know it not only Islam religion but I don’t think in any scriptures it is written that you should bow your head to anyone other than the superior one be it human or any dervish.

I went to this Haji Ali Dargah Sharif and saw people expressing their hopes in different ways, some by tying chadar and some by tying strings. People are expressing their wishes there.

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However, when I went to the place, I thought that I should take a look inside and see how the environment is. I thought I should pray two rakats because I have heard about this person in many places in many books.
He was a very good person who benefited people and whatever he wanted, he got what he wanted, or he had special mercy on him.

I heard from people that the person before his death expressed his wish that his body should be floated in the sea when he died, so it was done to see if the person’s body was floated in the sea after his death but the body of the person was not lost in the sea.

From where the person was washed away, the body of the person was refloated deep in the sea and suddenly a mosque was built there which was completely in the middle of the sea but the one above said that how terrible the waves of this sea and the water in the sea are so terrible. We all know that.

But the thing that I noticed is that even though there is so much water in the sea, a single drop of sea water enters the mosque. It has to be said that the upper wall is a special beauty for which people come from far and wide to visit this place. It is built where sea water does not enter and people come from far away and are totally shocked. In fact what they heard is completely true. I saw with my own eyes the waves of the sea. By God’s grace, sea water will not enter this mosque.

And in front of our eyes is the road through which we came. At present, the government has built a road which is built by floating on rocks. The road through which we came seems to have been flooded with people. I couldn’t believe how it was possible that I didn’t get enough water.

However, visiting this beautiful plac Haji Ali Dargah Sharife calmed my mind a lot which I thought for a long time was fulfilled and today I thought to share that incident with my friends. I hope you will like it.

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