Srabanti Chatterjee is in a new love and knows who the lover is?

West Bengal actress Srabanti Chatterjee now talks more about personal matters than acting. Srabanti first married director Rajeev Biswas in 2003. They got separated in 2011. After dating for two years, she married model Krishen Braj in 2017. In January 2019, that family also broke up. On June 19 of the same year, Srabanti married gym trainer Roshan Singh. They separated in 2020.

Srabanti Chatterjee
Image collect by Instagram :- Srabanti Chatterjee

At present, he lives alone with his son Jhinuk. It is heard that actress Srabanti Chatterjee is in a ‘relationship’ again.

According to several Indian media reports, Srabanti Chatterjee is currently in a relationship with Subhrajit Mitra, the director of the National Award-winning film ‘Abhyatrik’. Srabanti is playing the title role in Subhrajit’s next film ‘Devi Chaudhurani’. The shooting of that film is supposed to start this December.

Srabanti Chatterjee opened up about the new relationship

Of course, for quite some time in the entertainment world of Kolkata, Gunjan, Srabanti Chatterjee , and ‘Devi Chaudhurani’ film director Subhrajit Mitra are in love! Although they have not said anything about it yet, very soon Srabanti and Subhrajit will bring their relationship forward. Change the status on social media.

Srabanti Chatterjee
Image collect by Instagram :- Srabanti Chatterjee

Everyone is forgetting, that I am a woman, I have a family too, Srabanti expresses anger

Srabanti-Shubrajit’s relationship started in Bangalore. Two artists went to a film festival in Bangalore. As long as the film festival is going on, they have been traveling together. After returning to Kolkata, it is known that Subhrajit is making ‘Devi Chaudhurani’ with Srabanti. He also announced the film with a shout. Prosenjit Chatterjee is the hero opposite Srabanti.

Srabanti came out in support of the actor after taunting Ashish about getting married for the second time

Earlier last year there were rumors of Srabanti’s romance with businessman Abhirup Nag Chowdhury. Srabanti came up in news headlines about several things including traveling to the Maldives together and giving a diamond ring as a gift. However, at that time Srabanti said that she was not in love with Abhirup, rather they were ‘special friends’. Srabanti also said that Abhirup is always by her side. Not only that, Srabanti also talked about the good aspects of Abhirup.

Srabanti Chatterjee

Image collect by Instagram :- Srabanti Chatterjee

He said, ‘Apirup is very good as a person, and takes care of the family. As a friend, someone to whom you can open your heart.” did not go

Srabanti last worked in a film titled ‘Aami Aam Kayt’. Directed by Kamleswar Mukhopadhyay, it features Jeetu Kamal with Srabanti. The release date of the film is yet to be announced.

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