Seeing Shabana and Misha Saudagar , the heroine cooked and fed him

After so long seeing Shabana and Misha Saudagar

Bangladeshi film actress Shabana does not stay in the country for a long time. Therefore, he is not seen in any film-related events in the country. Shabana, who has been in the United States for two years, suddenly came to Bangladesh. He meets his loved ones, completes all necessary tasks, and leaves again in silence. So getting close to Shabana is really very difficult.

If any kind of opportunity arises, film-related people do not want to deprive themselves of getting close to this talented performer of the country’s films. As happened this time in the case of film actress Misha Saudagar. Had a chance to meet Shabana while visiting the United States to spend time with her family. Rush to Shabana’s house in New Jersey. They chat for a long time, eat and drink.

Shabana is delivering food to Misha Saudagar at her home in New Jersey, USA
Photo of Shabana delivering food to Misha Saudagar at her home in New Jersey, USA: Courtesy of Misha Saudagar Misha Saudagar met Shabana through acting in the film.

Shabana and Misha Saudagar

At one point it became more of a family than a professional relationship. Misha Saudagar became very fond of Shabana and her producer husband Waheed Sadiq. So even if they are out of the country, they sometimes talk on the phone. Even when he came to the country, he used to go to Shabana’s house. Misha also met Shabana when he went to the United States. Misha thinks that visiting Shabana’s house recently in the United States is a continuation of that.

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Shabana and her film producer husband Waheed Sadiq in Misha saudagar’s selfie on the street in front of Ozone Park in New York, USA
Shabana and her film producer husband Waheed Sadiq in Shabana and Misha Saudagar selfie on the street in front of Ozone Park in New York, USA
Misha Saudagar flew to the United States on December 25 after taking part in the movie shooting, dubbing, and the election campaign of actor Ferdous. The actor’s wife and children live in the country.

Shabana was also contacted in between. Shabana invites Misha to her house. On December 28, Misha went to Shabana’s New Jersey home. Misha from the United States said, “I know what Shabana Apa is in my life. He did not come to the country for four years. Even though we were talking, we were not seeing you. I wanted to meet my brother-in-law. Now that opportunity came to work. It was a wonderful time to meet them after so long. I chatted at home. You have cooked many things because I will go. He picked up the food and ate it with his own hands.

Misha said the beloved actress’ cooking items included Polao, beef, chicken, rice fish, hilsa fish, eggplant bhaji, vegetables, and pulses. You cooked yourself. Your cooking is incomparable. Being the elder sister, she raised her feet and fed the food with the utmost compassion, the feeling of sincerity is really different.’ said Misha.

Shabana and Misha Saudagar

Shabanashvi: Manzoor Kader

When asked what other topics came up in the chat, Shabana and Misha Saudagar said, ‘Whenever we talk to you, we always talk about movies. He inquired about everyone. He said that the films of the country are gaining fame in the country and outside the country, which made him proud.

Shabana and Misha Saudagar her acting debut at the age of eight. He acted as a child artist in the film named ‘Natun Sur’ directed by Ehtesham. After that, she started acting as the heroine in the film ‘Chakori’. This talented actor has been away from acting for 17 years. He suddenly left for the United States when he was at the peak of popularity in his acting career. Despite saying goodbye to acting, Shabana remains the queen of acting in the hearts of millions of Bengalis.

So once he is seen somewhere, there is no shortage of interest from fans and even the media. Been there for 24 years. She lives permanently in New Jersey with her husband, children and grandchildren. He came to Bangladesh after a certain period but did not come for four years. In between, the producer’s husband Waheed Sadiq came for a few days last year. He then informed me that there was a possibility of Shabana coming to the country next year.

In 1986, Shabana and Misha Saudagar started acting in films with BFDC’s ‘Natun Mukha Tanha’ competition. The first film is director Chhatku Ahmed’s Chetna. Although he acted as a hero in this movie, he established himself as a villain. According to Misha, the movie ‘Swami Ken Asami’ produced by Shabana brought her the most popularity.

Misha said, “I owe my life to you, Shabana. He has played a major role in making me the Misha Saudagar I am today. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to spend time with them when I went to the US. I think I learned a lot from the time I spent with you and Dulabhai. The feeling of the time spent with him cannot be expressed.

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